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To understand our customer better, we work hard to know your products, your customers and the purpose for which your packaging should serve. We take into consideration of the sizes and weights of your products as well as any desired printing on the boxes. From the design, planning, preparation and shipping, it takes dedication. We practise this dedication in our employees, and their quality and experience make the difference in our excellent product line and service. We are very proud of this fact and it shows by our customers continuing to return for our excellent service and packaging process.


Our Sales and Customer Service

Listen and learn. That's the first step in our sales process. Our experienced sales representatives then turn your specific requirements into a packaging program designed to suit your needs. Our customer service team is thoroughly versed in our product offering and packaging solutions, ready to serve you anytime.

Design and Support Services

We think from the inside out, specializing in full service custom packaging solutions, from concept to completion. We start with an upfront audit, gathering input of your application, specs, special requirements and filling processes. Our designers are capable to create precise drawings to meet your exact specs, as well as samples for your approval. Whether you need high-end flexo graphics or simple designs, we have the in-house capabilities.

Digital Prepress

Using files provided via cd's, e-mail or an upload to a third party site we can access and convert the files through our digital work flow. We can make any necessary changes in the artwork, we can provide you with a content review and for final approval. Once we have the confirmation, we convert the files directly to plates ensuring accurate printing to the approved proof.

Die Cutting and Scoring

A vision for precision. No package is complete without precise die cutting and scoring, whether it's for hand-filled or machine-filled cartons. With high-speed die cutting machines. our operators keep jobs running quickly and smoothly.

Finishing, Gluing & Packaging

We finish the job right. We have the precise equipments to manufacture any style carton you need and we have the staff in place to fully complete your packaging on time, to your exact specifications.

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